“Beauty, discovery, serendipity, signs that something’s happened; all these things are important to me. I like my pictures to ask questions of the viewer, as they do of me. They should be evocative, deeper than just surface, and go way beyond mere visual attraction. The world I inhabit is inspiring and to seek out the singular images I create may be my way of making sense of it. I revel in the excitement of discovery, those traces of humanity, the evidence left, something nature has made, sometimes what man has done, sometimes what I have created, the suggestion......... My intuition leads me along a path with no certain destination, and leaves me open to distraction. I capture fleeting moments, for life is transient and our existence changes us. The finest art should engage and impact on many levels. Attraction and colour may pull you in, but there are deeper issues that go beyond the merely visual, so, please look at the work and let your intelligence, your imagination and your emotions do the rest.”